Wanted!  Full Employment       

Wanted!  Full Employment                                                             



Aux Petits Chevalets Paris that runs l'atelier by apc celebrates its 10th anniversary this year since it moved to Tokyo, Japan.

We want a full employer who can work with us at our studios, in an atmosphere filled with music and instruments.



The main work shall be administration of rental studios and our Hall Debussy which is for concerts/events; the work includes receiving reservations, taking care of their proper procedures. 

reception work and customer services including phones and mails.

On the day of the concert/event, doing some supportive work.

Also planning our original events on our own.


Conditions of application

Being interested in the above work and having passion for them.

Being sociable. 

Experiences of customer services preferable.

Capable of PC(Mac).


Working hours

Hours are on shift between 9:00 to 22:00, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Some examples of shift hours;

  9:30-18:30,  10:00-19:00,  13:00-22:00,  

  On Sundays, hours can be flexible depending of the reservations.

We want someone who can adaptable to the flexibility.



The salary shall follow the prescribed company policy.

Transportation shall be fully covered.

Employment insurance and social insurance provided.



The first three months shall be a trial period.



Send us your resume either by e-mail or postal mail.

Please understand the resume shall not be returned.

   Mail : l_atelier@me.com

   Address : Shibuya East Bldg. 1F/5F

                   1-26-30  Higashi, Shibuya-ku

  Contact person : HARA Aoi


Please feel free to ask questions if you have any.

We welcome you if you wish to see our workplace. Please contact us.


Aux Petits Chevalets Paris

TEL: 03-6427-6688 (Tue. - Sat. 10:00-19:00)